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Course: DSN 546
Students Involved: Professor: Rob Whitehead


Flexfold is an emergency shelter, designed for NGO’s who would deploy the system for the use of those suffering from a disaster. It is a lightweight
and quickly deployable structure, which would serve various functions including a shading device, water collecting system, charging station, and a
classroom with a configurable partition wall. It could be used all over the world, especially in dry and warmer climates where people have to wait in
queue for food and water. FlexFold uses an origami (Yoshimura Pattern) form to create a Prismoidal (Triangular) folded plate structure. The paradox of
the folded plate is how it wants to be a solid monolithic form, however, we are using the form to create a deployable form that is able to move to aid
with disaster relief.

September 5, 2017 12:54 pm

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