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Earthen Brick

Course: DSN 546
Students Involved: Professor: Rob Whitehead

Earthen Brick was a student collaboration from Rob Whitehead’s Structures in Service – Disaster Relief Studio.

“This study could have a huge impact on the way that mud brick construction is
done in not only Rwanda, but countless other developing countries. Making a lighter,
stronger brick will allow brick masons to build bigger and more efficiently. It will also
make it easier for masons and customers to transport the bricks from the soil reserve
where they are formed to the construction site. Making the bricks shed water better will
significantly decrease the amount of maintenance that mud brick homes require.
Tackling century old methods of building is not an easy task, but developing a
new technique with better outcomess could change the future of construction across
the globe.”

September 5, 2017 1:02 pm

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