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City Hospital Museum

Course: Arch 603
Students Involved: Jen Hakala and Miranda Moen. Professor: Rob Whitehead

This project qualified for the 2018 Substance Forum.


Our proposal for Blackwell’s Island Museum and Memorial is the act of an unveiling journey that centers on uncovering the history of the island. Interactions between on-site research, education, and the overall sequence of exhibits are of the utmost importance to the project. The journey begins with a memorial on site of the demolished City Hospital, dedicated to revealing the story of the island’s complicated history. As visitors navigate the museum’s galleries, they will discover stories about the experiences of the marginalized peoples sent to the island. Finally, the library’s research component and temporary gallery are committed to creating an archive of the history of marginalized people in New York City from past to present. The building’s interaction with the island creates an inspiring environment for research and discovery.

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