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Arch 433: Ian Dillion & Sarah Schneider

Course: Arch 433
Students Involved: Ian Dillion & Sarah Schneider


This work was done by Ian Dillion & Sarah Schneider in Shelby Doyle’s Arch 433 Digital Fabrication Studio.


Project 1

Design a single joint (used multiple times) or series of joints to sturdily connect all 10 steel rods. The final form is the result of the joint design. See the provided Project Evaluation form for project grade criteria.


Project 2

Design and print 2-3 interlocking bricks using the ceramic printer, Potterbot. Each brick must be approximately 65 cubic inches in volume and perform in compressions (stack). Assume this will be an exterior application rain screen that assembles without caulk or adhesives. The goal of the exercise is to maximize the surface the surface area of the brick to allow the greatest amount of water absorption and evaporative cooling potential.


Project 3

The assignment is to create a castsun-shading façade which provides a variety of light conditions and views. The façade should perform in compression.

February 2, 2018 6:27 pm

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