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Student Projects



Pastel DrawingPastel Drawing

ASPCA newsletterASPCA newsletter

Colored Pencil DrawingColored Pencil Drawing

The Pageant / An InterludeThe Pageant / An Interlude

Regenerating Productive Urbanscape – Lima, PeruRegenerating Productive Urbanscape – Lima, P

Field Illustration: BearsField Illustration: Bears

Store FloorStore Floor

Turn UpTurn Up

Super-creative HubSuper-creative Hub

(RE)FUNCT: Villa El Salvador(RE)FUNCT: Villa El Salvador

3D work3D work

The Baths of CaracallaThe Baths of Caracalla

Rio ChillonRio Chillon

Cross Contour Graphite DrawingCross Contour Graphite Drawing

Winterset LibraryWinterset Library

Diocletian’s PalaceDiocletian’s Palace

Making MIMALMaking MIMAL

2017 Nathan & Lisa Kalaher Award Winner2017 Nathan & Lisa Kalaher Award Winner

Functional Art For ManningFunctional Art For Manning

The ApicenterThe Apicenter

Oded Ezer BookOded Ezer Book

Berlin 2017: Parametric Urban InterlockBerlin 2017: Parametric Urban Interlock

Parasitic Vertical CampusParasitic Vertical Campus

Plastic Waste | OPN MasterclassPlastic Waste | OPN Masterclass

Comprehensive MapComprehensive Map

Grocery Store & Supermarket Accessibility MappingGrocery Store & Supermarket Accessibility Map

Cotinis nitidaCotinis nitida

Asteroid Extraction | OPN MasterclassAsteroid Extraction | OPN Masterclass

Letters of the AlphabetLetters of the Alphabet

Electronic Waste | OPN MasterclassElectronic Waste | OPN Masterclass

Combat Outpost Design ProposalCombat Outpost Design Proposal

Collecting Pieces: Three Elements of ExperienceCollecting Pieces: Three Elements of Experience

Social Fabrication – An Experimental Concept & Proposal for a Military Combat OutpostSocial Fabrication – An Experimental Concept

Emoto-bots Symbol SetEmoto-bots Symbol Set

Alcohaul: The Original Keg Courier LogoAlcohaul: The Original Keg Courier Logo

Kirkbride Elementary Master Plan DesignKirkbride Elementary Master Plan Design

Mixed Media DrawingMixed Media Drawing

Arch 403: Mitchell Squire’s StudioArch 403: Mitchell Squire’s Studio

Food CitiesFood Cities



The Grand IllusionThe Grand Illusion

Analyzing Where to Build a New Grocery Store in AmesAnalyzing Where to Build a New Grocery Store in Am

ISU Biorenewables Research LabISU Biorenewables Research Lab

Disaster Relief ShelterDisaster Relief Shelter

Youth Lagoon PosterYouth Lagoon Poster

Kylee Cangas: Richard F. Hansen Prize WinnerKylee Cangas: Richard F. Hansen Prize Winner

Lima – Urban EvolutionLima – Urban Evolution

Street Vending in IndoreStreet Vending in Indore

Truth and a Lie (Inspired by Copley)Truth and a Lie (Inspired by Copley)

Parallels, Dynamic Spaces for ConsumptionParallels, Dynamic Spaces for Consumption

Master StudyMaster Study

Rio Rimac CorridorRio Rimac Corridor

Mixed Media ProjectMixed Media Project

2017 DLR Group Prize2017 DLR Group Prize

Arch 301: Leslie Forehand’s StudioArch 301: Leslie Forehand’s Studio

Cross Contour Graphite DrawingCross Contour Graphite Drawing

Arch 201: Reinaldo Correa’s StudioArch 201: Reinaldo Correa’s Studio

Hälsa Fruit Candies PackagingHälsa Fruit Candies Packaging

Panama City Hotel & Convention CenterPanama City Hotel & Convention Center

2016 Venice Biennale2016 Venice Biennale

Sand Extraction | OPN MasterclassSand Extraction | OPN Masterclass

Design for Modern WarfareDesign for Modern Warfare


Functional Art for ManningFunctional Art for Manning

Plag(g)able, Dynamic Urban Lifestyle, Council Bluffs, IAPlag(g)able, Dynamic Urban Lifestyle, Council Bluf

Search & Rescue DeviceSearch & Rescue Device

General George A. McCall Elementary SchoolGeneral George A. McCall Elementary School

The Museum of BostonThe Museum of Boston

Pastel DrawingPastel Drawing

Arch 201: Nick Senske’s StudioArch 201: Nick Senske’s Studio

Susan G. Komen ProjectSusan G. Komen Project

Pianeta CiambellaPianeta Ciambella

Lithium Triangle | OPN MasterclassLithium Triangle | OPN Masterclass

Tug: Footwear CollectionTug: Footwear Collection


Bishop Family ShelterBishop Family Shelter

Master StudyMaster Study


Regenerating Makoko in LagosRegenerating Makoko in Lagos


H. Kennard Bussard AwardH. Kennard Bussard Award

Irish HeritageIrish Heritage


Today I Feel…Today I Feel…

The 80 Best Architecture Drawings of 2017 (So Far)The 80 Best Architecture Drawings of 2017 (So Far)

Exploded WatchExploded Watch

Arch 201: Ayodele Iyanalu’s StudioArch 201: Ayodele Iyanalu’s Studio

Rio Surco Analysis MapRio Surco Analysis Map

Courage League Bowling PinsCourage League Bowling Pins

Lima Urban RegenerationLima Urban Regeneration

12 x 1212 x 12

Master StudyMaster Study

Ink DrawingInk Drawing

Weaving InterferanceWeaving Interferance

wait: School of Metaphysics and Waiting Roomwait: School of Metaphysics and Waiting Room

Mixed Media ProjectMixed Media Project

Earthen BrickEarthen Brick


Olivia Charmaine Master StudyOlivia Charmaine Master Study

The Profane SectionThe Profane Section

Museum for the Cultures of BodiesMuseum for the Cultures of Bodies

Mariposa: Designing a brand identity + brand experience through a popup storeMariposa: Designing a brand identity + brand exper

Charcoal Drawing Halloween Still LifeCharcoal Drawing Halloween Still Life

Campustown Community Garden in AmesCampustown Community Garden in Ames

Wayfinding System for the College of DesignWayfinding System for the College of Design

Rio Rimac Corridor Analysis, Lima EcologyRio Rimac Corridor Analysis, Lima Ecology


MUD student presents a poster at a conferenceMUD student presents a poster at a conference

Anna Blakiston Day SchoolyardAnna Blakiston Day Schoolyard

Market: A History of the Modern MarketplaceMarket: A History of the Modern Marketplace

Vogolia Cioccolato Luxury ProductsVogolia Cioccolato Luxury Products

Arch 201: Patience Lueth’s StudioArch 201: Patience Lueth’s Studio

G.W. Childs Elementary SchoolG.W. Childs Elementary School

Right to Water: Urban Regeneration in LimaRight to Water: Urban Regeneration in Lima

Damage Assessment KioskDamage Assessment Kiosk

Disaster Planning & Mitigation for Kathmandu, NepalDisaster Planning & Mitigation for Kathmandu,

The Boston Museum of Conflict and ViolenceThe Boston Museum of Conflict and Violence

Snow BlindSnow Blind

Houston Elementary Playground EnhancementHouston Elementary Playground Enhancement

Pastel DrawingPastel Drawing

Courage League MittCourage League Mitt

80/35 Festival Pavilion80/35 Festival Pavilion

Charcoal DrawingCharcoal Drawing

Ocean Waste | OPN MasterclassOcean Waste | OPN Masterclass

Indore Street VendingIndore Street Vending


Post ParkingPost Parking

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