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Minors in Design

Undergraduate Minors in Design

The College of Design offers or participates in the following six undergraduate minors. These minors are open to all undergraduate students at Iowa State University.

  • Critical Studies in Design: Engage the history, theory and criticism of visual and material culture and the built environment.
  • Design Studies: Increase design awareness through interdisciplinary study within the College of Design.
  • Digital Media: Explore the use of digital media in the design process.
  • Entrepreneurial Studies: Learn about entrepreneurship — the process of creating value through recognizing and developing opportunities.
  • Geographic Information Science (GISC): Engage the theory, processes, techniques and tools that use spatial data and computational technology to create cutting-edge analysis and mapping approaches for a wide range of fields.
  • Illustration: Develop conceptual and technical skills directed toward communicating narrative content in sequential visual form for books, graphic novels, magazine articles, advertising, concept art for game design and film.
  • Urban Studies: Explore varied and multiple dimensions of urban and community life through differing conceptual and analytical frameworks and learn about the processes of urban growth and change.

Graduate Minors

Minor Request Form

To declare a minor, you must submit a Request for Minor form to the Design Student Services & Programs Office, 297 Design, at least one semester prior to graduation.

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