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Digital Media

The College of Design’s undergraduate minor in Digital Media is intended to familiarize students with the use of digital media in the design process. It covers the knowledge and techniques necessary to generate digital representations including:

  • two-dimensional drawing
  • three-dimensional modeling
  • rendering
  • animation
  • video processing
  • prototyping
  • photography
  • computer gaming
  • web design
  • geographic information systems
  • human-computer interaction
  • stereoscopic image creation
  • virtual environments

Each department in the College of Design offers its own digital media courses that may be applied to the multidisciplinary Digital Media minor.


This minor requires at least 15 credits of coursework. At least three (3) credits of fundamental courses at the 200 level must be taken in the student’s primary major (see list below).

Fundamental Courses

  • ARCH 230: Design Communications (3 credits) – for Architecture majors
  • DSN S 232: Design Communications (3 credits) – for non-design majors
  • ART GR 275: Graphic Technology I (2 credits); prerequisite: ART GR 270: Graphic Design Studio – for Graphic Design majors
  • ART GR 276: Graphic Technology II (2 credits); prerequisite: ART GR 275 – for Graphic Design majors
  • ART IS 212: Studio Fundamentals: Computers (2 credits) – for Integrated Studio Arts and all majors
  • ART IS 227: Introduction to Digital Photography (3 credits) – for Integrated Studio Arts majors
  • ART ID 263: Graphic Communication for Interior Design II (3 credits); prerequisite: ART ID 261: Graphic Communication for Interior Design I – for Interior Design majors
  • CRP 251X: Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (3 credits) – for non-design majors
  • LA 211: Digital Design Methods for Landscape Architecture (3 credits) – for Landscape Architecture and all majors

At least nine (9) of the 15 credits must be taken at Iowa State University in courses numbered 300 or above. At least nine (9) of the 15 credits must not be used to meet any other college or university requirements except the credit requirement for graduation.

View all of the courses that qualify for the Digital Media minor.

Transfer Credits

Courses taken outside Iowa State may be accepted for transfer credit after review of the syllabus and materials by faculty in the Digital Media area. This minor may be applied retroactively after graduation. If you are interested in obtaining a minor in Digital Media, you may return and take listed courses following graduation. Qualifying courses taken prior to graduation may be used to fulfill the 15-credit program requirement.

Special Note for Architecture Majors

Because the Digital Media minor requires ARCH 230, only another three (3) credits of the courses used to satisfy the minor may be drawn from the professional option area that is part of the Architecture program credits. The other nine credits for the minor must fall in the unrestricted elective category.

How to Apply for the Digital Media Minor

If you are interested in registering for the Digital Media minor, print and fill out Step 1 of the minor form, which includes the classes you plan on taking, your signature and the date. Step 2 requires a signature and date from the Digital Media minor program coordinator, Anson Call ( Step 3 requires a signature and date from your adviser. After completing Steps 1-3, hand the form in to your college’s student services. You can cancel the minor with the same form.


For more information, contact:

Associate Professor Anson Call

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