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Design Studies

Open to all undergraduate students at Iowa State University, the Design Studies minor is constructed to facilitate design awareness among interested students and to provide a vehicle for interdisciplinary study within the College of Design.


This minor requires 15 credits of course work:

  • three credits of history selected from College of Design course offerings (DSN S 183 will not meet this requirement)
  • 12 additional credits selected from College of Design course offerings*

At least six (6) of the 15 credits must be taken at Iowa State University in courses numbered 300 or above. At least nine (9) of the 15 credits must not be used to meet any other college or university requirements except the credit requirement for graduation.

Students enrolled in the College of Design may not use courses in their major to satisfy this minor.

Students seeking the minor must:

  1. Discuss with your current academic adviser your interest in the Design Studies Minor.
  2. For questions and approval on courses to take for the minor, please email Anne Grevstad-Nordbrock,
  3. Complete the university Curriculum Change Form. It is recommended that this form be completed at least one semester prior to graduation.

*The following courses cannot be used to meet the requirements for the Design Studies Minor: DSN S 110, 111, 115, 301, 373, 397, 492.


For more information, contact:

Anne Grevstad-Nordbrock,