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Best Practices for Research and Outreach (IDRO)

Status: In Review--Added to Policy Library on 08/26/2019
Owner: Kevin Kane []

Research (scholarship, creative endeavors, artistic expression and research)

Getting to Know Your Research Interests and Needs

  1. Schedule a research development meeting with Sandra Norvell, College of Design research development coordinator, to discuss your research interests and funding resources and create a basic research plan for the year.
  2. Establish your research presence on the following online venues:
    1. ORCID
    2. ISU Digital Repository
    3. ResearchGate and/or
  3. Update your CV and save to CoD faculty page in the college’s online directory:

Log in with your NetID and password. Click on Upload CV. Scroll down to Current CV and click View/Change Current CV. Choose short or long format and browse to find and select file on your computer. Upload file.

  1. Update research interests and save to CoD faculty page:

Log in with your NetID and password. Click on Update Your Faculty Info.

Scroll down to Research Interests. Type or paste from Word. Remember to click Save.

  1. Attend (and present) at the Friday afternoon CoD Research Seminar
    1. Research presentations by all faculty new to the college community
    2. Research presentations by established faculty
    3. Information about research-related processes at ISU and CoD
  2. Get to know you colleagues’ research interests
    1. Visit the College of Design Research Highlights page to see recent summaries of other research in the college.
    2. Visit the College of Design Honors and Awards page to see new work from your colleagues.
    3. Visit the Iowa State University Research Day page to see work from university colleagues.

Human Subjects, Institutional Review Board (IRB) Training

  1. Internally, Nora Ladjahasan is the CoD IRB liaison. See her if you need specific questions answered.
  2. IRB Training page

CoD Research New Faculty Start-up Funding from 0VPR

  1. Schedule a meeting with Kevin Kane, associate dean for research and outreach, to discuss possibility of faculty research startup funding from the Office of the Vice President for Research (a 50% match from CoD/departmental resources) and the added expectations and responsibilities this type of funding will require.
  2. See the 0VPR’s startup guidelines for more info.

Finding Research Funding

The list below is only a start. Please see Sandra Norvell and Kevin Kane for more detailed information.

  1. External funding
  2. CoD internal grants (proposal due dates are Nov. 1 for the coming year)
  3. ISU internal funding
    The Office of the Vice President for Research offers internal funding programs to help Iowa State researchers pursue new projects and pursue external funding for their research and scholarship. Visit the link to find the university’s internal funding programs with descriptions, application forms and contacts for additional information. For any general questions on internal funding programs, email Please note: These internal funding opportunities do not require a GoldSheet or Cardinal Sheet during the submission process.
  4. OVPR Finding Funding webpage

Staff from the Office of the Vice President for Research can help you find new funding opportunities using agency websites and searchable databases.

Proposal Support

  1. Grant Writing Workshop – daylong workshop, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. (Nov. 13 this year)
  2. Sandra Norvell, CoD research development coordinator, can help with:
    1. Identifying funding opportunities
    2. Proposal preparation
    3. Proposal submission
    4. OVPR proposal information

Receiving and Managing Awards

Post-award management is mostly project management, accounting for financial transactions, reporting, and HR management both locally and centrally.

  1. Project management and reporting
  2. Financial accounting (now a part of the Improved Service Delivery – ISD team). The CoD grants finance specialist for our team (Juniper) is Sunny Hsu,
  3. Human Resources is also now part of the new ISD model. To hire or manage personnel contact:
  4. OVPR award information

Finding CoD and ISU Collaborators

  1. Contact Kevin Kane and Sandra Norvell when you have ideas for projects and need university collaborators. By attending university-wide meetings, they are aware of other university researchers who have interests in collaborating with College of Design faculty.

Staying Informed

  1. Read the This Week in the College of Design newsletter sent by email on Monday mornings.
  2. Read the Arts and Humanities E-Newsletter sent by email on Friday mornings.
  3. Participate in Iowa State Research Day. You can view previous years’ lighting talk videos on the OVPR website.
  4. Visit the College of Design Research Highlights webpage to see recent summaries of other research in the college.
  5. Visit the College of Design Honors and Awards page to see new work from your colleagues.



Studio Outreach Projects

  1. Sponsored Studio Outreach Program (Susan Erickson)
    IDRO and ISU Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development can assist with your studio outreach projects. View checklist.
  2. College outreach grants

Extension and Outreach Collaboration

  1. Design Extension – College of Design faculty with Extension appointments (Gary Taylor)
    The CoD has several faculty members who have an academic appointment in one of the college’s departments as well as an appointment through ISU Extension and Outreach.
  2. Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development (CED), Director, Gary Taylor
  3. Institute for Design Research and Outreach (IDRO)
    In addition, Gary Taylor serves as an Associate Director of IDRO (see below)


CoD Research and Outreach Planning

College Research and Outreach Planning Documents

  1. CoD Research Strengths and Priorities or Priority Research Initiatives in the CoD (view PDF)
  2. Iowa State University Research Grand Challenges



    1. Institute for Design Research and Outreach (IDRO)
      IDRO’s mission is to stimulate and support research and outreach efforts in areas of strength and relevance to the design disciplines. The institute strives to promote interdisciplinary design research, to facilitate communication with design professionals and the public, and to respond to the needs of the people of Iowa in areas associated with the design disciplines. The institute is led by:
      Director, Luis Rico-Gutierrez
      Associate Director, Kevin Kane
      Associate Director, Gary Taylor
  1. IDRO/CoD Research Development (Sandra Norvell)
    Sandra coordinates research development in the college and is responsible, or is the primary contact, for those areas listed under the “Research” heading above.
  2. IDRO/CoD Sponsored Studio Support (Susan Erickson)
    Schedule a meeting with Susan as early as possible to start structuring your project. She often has a list of project requests from communities. If you are searching for a particular type of project, be sure to check with her to see if she has a project that meets the academic needs of your class. (View checklist)
  3. IDRO/CoD Research Support Team (Nora Ladjahasan)
    Nora oversees services including data surveys, data collection, statistical analysis and reporting.
  4. ISU Geographic Information Systems Support & Research Facility (GISF)Robin McNeely, Facility Manager
    The GIS Support and Research Facility supports the use of geographic information system (GIS) technology at Iowa State University, providing high-level GIS research support for students, faculty and staff, and providing GIS education and outreach to the ISU community and the state of Iowa. Director, Kevin Kane. The GIS Facility supports the following:

    1. The university GIS software site licenses
    2. University GIS research projects
      1. Consultation
      2. For-fee project work
    3. External fee-for-service project work
  1. Community Design Lab (CDL)
    The CDL partners with communities and organizations combining local knowledge and design research expertise to create equity and resilience through inclusive, transferable, innovative strategies and tactics. Director, Carl Rogers
  2. Center for Building Energy Research (CBER)
    CBER focuses on the relationship between building design strategies and innovative technologies. Director, Ulrike Passe
  3. Computation and Construction Lab (CCL)
    The CCL works to connect developments in computation to the challenges of construction through teaching, research and outreach. Director, Shelby Doyle
  4. Kies Sponsored Research Lab
    The Kies Sponsored Research Lab supports the research faculty, staff and their graduate students who have externally-funded projects in the College of Design. To have space in the research lab assigned to your project, see Associate Dean for Research and Outreach Kevin Kane.

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