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College Outreach Support

College Outreach Grants

The College of Design provides internal opportunities for faculty and staff to apply for funding to assist in delivery of outreach projects which involve community engagement.


The Fieldstead & Company Endowment for Community Enhancement Fund  is awarded annually to support projects that “inform the proper and artful development of the communities of Iowa and the surrounding region.” The funding for this program will have a duration of one year with a maximum funding level of $5,000.

Application Deadline: November 1 for the following calendar year.


The Curriculum-based Design Outreach Fund supports the CoD’s curriculum-based design outreach efforts.  This includes incentivizing teams of faculty to initiate studio courses which promote faculty and student interaction with potential communities to identify curriculum-based outreach activities. The funding for this program will have a duration of one semester with a maximum funding level of $1,500.  This funding is not limited to a geographic area.

Application Deadlines: November 1 for one semester during the following calendar year.


Applications and guidelines for these two grants can be found here: College of Design Outreach Grants


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