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College Outreach Support

Institute for Design Research & Outreach (IDRO)

Design offers transformative opportunities for improving the quality of life. The College of Design’s research and outreach initiatives are key elements of our reputation. They provide for generative activities and test beds of ideas, contributing to faculty recruitment and retention, student recruitment and learning, and service to the public. At the College of Design, we are committed to growing our capacity and reputation through the research and outreach of our faculty and students in both disciplinary and inter/multidisciplinary efforts.

Created in 1993, the Institute for Design Research and Outreach (IDRO) encompasses the research, extension and outreach missions of the College of Design. Broadly defined, IDRO’s overall mission is to stimulate and support research and outreach efforts in areas of strength and relevance to the design disciplines. The institute strives to promote interdisciplinary design research, to facilitate communication with design professionals and the public, and to respond to the needs of the people of Iowa in areas associated with the design disciplines. Projects often are conducted collaboratively, and individual faculty may be involved in several different programs at the same time. Through IDRO, faculty and students work together with citizen groups, businesses, communities, and agencies in addressing problems to improve the quality of our built environment, and our lives.

Institute for Design  Research and Outreach (IDRO)
Director, Luis Rico-Gutierrez
Interim Associate Director, Aberg Robison

Center for Building Energy Research (CBER)
Director, Ulrike Passe

Geographic Information Systems Support & Research Facility (GISF)
Director, Kevin Kane

Community Design Lab (CDL)
Director, Carl Rogers

Computation & Construction Lab (CCL)
Director, Shelby Doyle

Kies Sponsored Research Lab
Interim Assoc. Director, Julie Aberg Robison