AMES, Iowa — Paris-based architect Léopold Lambert, founding editor of The Funambulist magazine, will present a lecture on “The Political Power of the Key” as part of the Iowa State University Department of Architecture 2022-2023 Public Programs Series.

Lambert’s presentation will begin at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19, in Kocimski Auditorium, 101 College of Design.

He will discuss the violent power of the key – a ubiquitous object which can be used to enforce protocols of social inclusion and exclusion such as private property, settler colonialism and incarceration – and the role architects play in both upholding and dismantling this power.

About the speaker

A trained architect, Lambert is editor-in-chief of The Funambulist, a print and online magazine dedicated to “the politics of space and bodies” and to the cultivation of solidarity among political movements across the world.

He is the author of four books that examine the inherent violence of the built environment as weaponized by political regimes, in particular in occupied Palestine. His latest book articulates a spatial history of the French colonial continuum, with a focus on Algeria, Kanaky and France’s suburbs.


Deborah Hauptmann, Chair, Department of Architecture, deborah@iastate.edu
Peter Zuroweste, Chair, Architecture Public Programs Committee, peterz@iastate.edu
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