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Department of

Landscape Architecture

Director, ISU GIS Facility

Kevin Kane PhD

Director, ISU GIS Facility, GIS Facility
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture

Mailing Address

613 Morrill Road
211 Durham
Ames, IA, 50011

Contact Information

Office: 211 Durham


PhD, Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies, Iowa State University, 2007
MLA, Iowa State University, 1986
BSLA, Iowa State University, 1982
BA, Iowa State University, 1982

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Research Interests

Design research.  Higher education organization, leadership, governance, finance, research, and administration. Geographic information systems (GIS) applications for natural resource management, hydrologic systems analysis, landcover change analysis, demographic analysis, and historic and cultural analysis.

Current Projects

Design research.  Higher education administration. Natural resource-based GIS analysis, decision-making, and policy.

Current Scholarship