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Interior Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

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Interior Design Senior
George Washington Carver Scholar
Member, Interior Design Student Association
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why I chose to attend Iowa State:

I attended a basketball camp at Iowa State during my junior year of high school, so I got to experience the campus and everything and I just loved it here. When I applied, Iowa State responded right away and said I was accepted. Then I received a full academic scholarship, so that kind of catapulted me to choose going here.

Importance of scholarship support:

I was awarded the George Washington Carver Scholarship, and without it I wouldn’t be here. It’s definitely changed my course in life. I’ve met with other scholars as part of the Carver Academy and I’ve been part of the mentorship program. I had two mentees, who I still talk to. I’ll see them around and ask how they’re doing, check up on them. That’s a huge benefit with the program that I enjoy a lot.

Impact of involvement on and off campus:

I play intramural basketball and work at the Rec (Lied Recreation Athletic Facility) on campus. I think that’s helped me integrate myself a lot because you interact with so many different people just swiping their cards or talking with them. This past October I started coaching for All Iowa Attack. I am a member of IDSA, Interior Design Student Association, and that helps me network in the field and get my name out there along with having fun being with my peers.

Biggest surprise about the interior design program:

Most people, especially anyone who watches HGTV, probably think interior designers just pick out carpet. But it’s also a lot more technical—you learn about things like human factors and building codes. It’s challenging but rewarding.

What I want you to know if you’re thinking about enrolling at Iowa State:

How awesome Iowa State is! Coming from a big city I was kind of unsure how living in Ames would be, but it’s been a great experience. There are lots of things going on in the community and throughout the university that make you feel welcomed and make you feel like you can be a part of something.

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