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Interior Design

Study Abroad

Helping You Get There

Several scholarships are available for Interior Design students interested in international study opportunities. Some are available only for study with the Rome Program; others may be used toward any college study abroad program. More information on the scholarships offered through the Interior Design Program and the College of Design is available on the Design Student Services website — search keyword “abroad.”

Interior Design

  • Larry R. Davis and Lee W. Cagley Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Walter J. Allen & Shaun B. Keister Rome Program Scholarship (Rome)
  • Sandy Rogers May Interior Design Scholarship
  • Debra l. Furman Pulver and Robert G. Pulver Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Gary Tartakov Endowed Scholarship for Study Abroad
  • Deeia M. Topp & John W. Sparling Rome Scholarship (Rome)

College of Design

  • Piper Lamberson International Study Scholarship
  • Rome and International Study Scholarship

Iowa State University