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Department of

Interior Design

Graduate Degrees

MFA in Interior Design


DSN S 546 Preservation & Cultural Heritage Morocco. Animation of American Legation Construction History. ©Al Shihabi and Muecke, 2019.


The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Interior Design Program prepares students to become skilled professionals in research and practice as well as to engage in teaching. It emphasizes formal theoretical, technical and methodological preparation for the design of interior spaces. It requires a minimum of 60 graduate credits, made up of variable topic courses on design research methods, human-centered design, and experimental and interdisciplinary studios. It also includes seminars in Advanced Studies in Interior Design and electives in a student’s area of specialization, and may include a teaching practicum. The program concludes with the successful completion of a public defense of the student’s master’s thesis work and public exhibition of the creative component. Anyone applying to the MFA— Interior Design Graduate Program must meet the minimum general requirements of the Iowa State University Graduate College.

Click Here for MFA Curriculum.


For more information on our graduate program in Interior Design, please contact:
Meredith Foley, Graduate Recruitment Coordinator
Dr. Diane Al Shihabi, Director of Graduate Education

Dr. Diane Al Shihabi (R) with Katelyn Judson in Casablanca, Morocco.
Dr. Diane Al Shihabi (R) with Katelyn Judson in Casablanca, Morocco.