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Department of

Interior Design

Assistant Professor

Daejin Kim PhD

Assistant Professor, Interior Design

Mailing Address

Interior Design Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011

Contact Information

Phone: (515) 294-7408
Office: 376 Design


PhD, Design, Construction and Planning concentration in Interior Design, Minor degree: Research Evaluation Methodology concentration in Quantitative Methods, University of Florida, 2016
MS, Housing & Interior Design, Yonsei University, South Korea, 2012
BS, Architectural Engineering, Inha University, South Korea, 2008

On the Web

Research Interests

Healthcare Design & Wellness  

Environmental Gerontology

Aging in Place

Human and Computer Interaction 

Current Projects


Fieldstead & Company Endowment for Community Enhancement Fund ($5,000).

Revitalizing Small Communities for Aging Population in Iowa: Making Home Modifications More Accessible

Publication Subvention Grant – Scholarly work ($9,500)

Space planning for clinical settings

2020 American Occupational Therapy Foundation – Health Services Research ($50,000)

Predicting Individuals’ Functional Difficulties at Home Using Statistical Machine Learning

2020 BNIM Regenerative Design Challenge ($9,500)

A Best Practice Manual for Aging in Place: Revitalizing Small Communities for Aging Population in Iowa

2019 Bridging the Divide from the office of the vice president for research ($24,916)

Saving Older Adults Living in Darkness: Ambient Intelligence Technology of Lighting System


Kim, D., Bian, H., Chang, C., Dong, L, Margreet, J. Unobtrusive in-home monitoring for aging in place: A scoping review, Interactive Journal of Medical Research (In press)

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Kim, D. Understanding how older adults negotiate environmental hazards in their home, Journal of Aging and Environment, DOI: 10.1080/26892618.2021.1918814

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Platt, L. S., Bosch, S. J., & Kim, D. Toward a framework for designing person-centered mental health interiors for veterans, Journal of Interior Design, 42(2), 27-48. One of the journal’s top 20 most downloaded papers in 2016-2017,

Bosch, S. J., Apple, M., Hiltonen, B., Worden, E., Lu, Y., Nanda, U., & Kim, D. To see or not to see: Investigating the links between patient visibility and potential moderators affecting the patient experience, Journal of Environmental Psychology, 47, 33-43

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