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MA in Art and Design – Interior Design

The Master of Arts (MA) degree focuses on interior design research. The degree requires a minimum of 34 graduate credits, including a studio concentration and work in research methods, design methods and human factors. Candidates focus on research in an area of specialization, culminating in a written thesis of research results. Graduates have a broad understanding of current interior design issues and design research, preparing them for special analytical aspects of design practice and further studies leading to the PhD.
Anyone applying to the MA in Art and Design – Interior Design graduate program must meet the following requirements (PDF) in addition to the minimum general requirements of the Iowa State University Graduate College. Download a list of course requirements and options for the MA in Art and Design – Interior Design.


For more information on our graduate program in Interior Design, please contact:
Meredith Foley, Graduate Recruitment Coordinator
Diane Al Shihabi, Director of Graduate Education

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