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Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Interior Design here in the College of Design! This fall, we are offering several very exciting studios and seminars for our students.

Sophomores will begin their studies in Interior Design with a number of conceptual exercises and design strategies, and work on designing a real loft space in Des Moines with themselves as clients.

Juniors will be designing a retail establishment. Those who are participating in the College of Design Rome Program will collaborate with Fashion Design students from IED Rome to design a retail space in Rome, while those in Ames will design a storefront in East Des Moines. Our study-abroad students also will take part in the Venice Art Biennale in October.

Seniors will be working on individual submissions for the Steelcase NEXT Student Design Competition. Our “Advanced Studies in Interior Design” seminar classes include advanced color studies (569B) and advanced historic preservation of interiors (569D).

And our graduate students will be working with Architecture grad students on a joint hospitality design project along the Panama Canal, a group of three high-rise convention hotels in the heart of the Central American renaissance. This Integrative Design Studio last year won three awards for the excellence of student work, and it has been expanded this year to allow more students to participate.

By all measures, this will be an exciting semester, and we hope you will enjoy being a part of it.

Lee Cagley
Professor and Chair