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Interior Design

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Message from the Chair

Here at Iowa State University, these are exciting times for designers. The interior design profession is facing a number of interesting challenges to contemporary society at the moment:

  • Unprecedented fragmentation of experience
  • Almost total lack of privacy
  • Instant access to everyone else’s life
  • Nearly constant communication, coupled with a nearly universal lack of comprehension
  • Failure to connect “process” with “results,” leading to deep-seated frustration and anomie

All of these result in a correspondingly desperate need to personalize one’s lifestyle and make it more supportive of both function and aspiration. All design, of course, is a connotative intervention, an attempt to include the transcendent in the here-and-now. Interior design, because it operates on a personal level of interface between the individual and the environment, has the potential for leading this crucial effort.

The ISU College of Design is uniquely equipped to face and solve these problems holistically because of the breadth of our design disciplines, and our united focus on collaborative design practice. The Department of Interior Design at Iowa State, in particular, has been fortunate to have assembled a largely new faculty comprising both esteemed scholars and noted professionals, who, with our students at every level, are defining the future of our field and its important role in shaping the world ahead.

For more than nine years in a row, our Interior Design students and studios have won numerous international awards and high acclaim for their efforts, and our graduate program is currently ranked ninth in the country. We do have great fun, because pursuing your passion through creative means is always fun, but we are serious about changing the world through design, and we invite you to join us!

Lee Cagley
Professor & Chair

Lee Cagley, Chair
Lee Cagley, Chair