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Interior Design by the Numbers: 2018 – 2019

Total enrollment for the current academic year: 184

First year/freshman: (N/A)
Second year/sophomores: 64
Third year/juniors: 62
Fourth year/seniors: 58
Iowa residents: 63%
Non-residents: 27%
International students: 10%
Male: 5.5%
Female: 94.5%

The average student to faculty ratio is 16:1

Total full-time faculty members: 9
Total adjunct, part-time, and support faculty members or instructional personnel: 1

Number of students who have completed the program and graduated in the last three academic years:
2017-18: 57
2016-17: 62
2015-16: 53

Graduates from the past year that are employed as interiors designers, indicating specializations if known:
Retail: 1
Corporate: 7
Residential: 9
Unknown, but Interior Design: 31

Students who completed the program and are continuing education in a graduate program:
Interior Design: 6
Architecture: 3

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