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XD Courses

XD / X-Disciplinarity


Interdisciplinary design means not working within a single discipline but viewing one discipline or many from the perspective of another, borrowing tools, methods, concepts, or theories to expand understanding of a topic or problem in a given field. In our world of complexity, wicked problems, and grand societal challenges, interdisciplinarity is integrative and collective: it occurs when people work jointly to address a common problem, integrating a real synthesis of knowledge, methods, and approaches into a coordinated and coherent whole.

Interdisciplinary design removes the boundaries between the core disciplines, integrating them to construct a new shared contextual framework in the context of real-world themes. Because interdisciplinary design transcends disciplinary boundaries, it has the most potential to respond to new demands and imperatives.

As this definition is an umbrella for intra-cross-multi-inter-transdisciplinarity, to be inclusive of all efforts, in the College of Design we call this initiative “X-Disciplinarity” — with “X” as in “undefined” and “undetermined,” yet going beyond the boundaries of a single discipline.