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Department of

Industrial Design

Bachelor of Industrial Design


The nationally ranked Industrial Design program at Iowa State University offers a professional Bachelor of Industrial Design degree. We’re proud to be the only industrial design program in the state of Iowa.

This four-year degree consists of one year in the College of Design’s pre-professional Core Design Program, followed by three years in the professional Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID) degree program. The Industrial Design Program admits a cohort of 64 students after completion of the Core, annually. ┬áStudents in this major have the opportunity to customize their curriculum to include an emphasis area through guided elective courses.

The only major that does not reside within the Design building, Industrial Design studios and fabrication facilities occupy the central space in the Armory on campus. Students who enter this major receive their own personal studio space from which to design.

The BID degree from Iowa State provides the foundation for a career in a variety of commercial product design and service professions. The undergraduate program prepares students for immediate entry into design practice as well as long-term continued growth and achievement.

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