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Industrial Design

Student Clubs

Women Who Design

Women Who Design is a network of women across multiple disciplines in design, we support each other and inspire women to pursue their careers.

Who should join?
Those in any design major, including AMD, and BPMI are welcome!

We hear from current women in the workforce, celebrate each other’s achievements and help one another strive for more. We acknowledge challenges women have to face and create an open environment to discuss this, we highlight influential female designers in the workforce.

Office Members
President–Emma Draube
Treasurer–Olivia Smith
Adviser–Angela Koppes
Event Planning Chair–Alexa Diaz
Graphic Design Chair–Avalon Seckinger
Merch Chair–Fernanda Guevara
Outreach Chair–Macy Sutton
Public Relations Chair–Sophia Hazelett
Secretary–Lauren Kettner
Vice President–Jillian Dunlap

Follow us on Instagram @womenwhodesign.isu
For more information, email