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Industrial Design

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Sketch Squad

Are you bored of taking notes? What if we made notetaking a fun process?

We are a team of highly creative individuals who specialize in making ideas and information visually compelling. Our specialty is capturing information with speed and clarity, and this process has many names such as Sketchnotes, Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, or Visual Notes. Our unique note-taking skills can turn any presentation, conversation, or idea into visual eye candy. We help enhance information with creativity, style, and artistry.

How does participating in Sketch Squad enhance the experience of a student during their time at Iowa State?

Regular meetings will consist of teaching and practicing sketchnoting, visual communication activities and games, and discussing and planning upcoming events and trips. Officers and members are encouraged to reach out to and/ or network with companies and designers in hopes to getting experiential opportunities.

Alyssa Tiedeman (Treasurer) @atiedeman2
Olivia Morgan (Vice President) @o_morgan22
Priyankaa Krishnan (Historian) @prikrishiyer
Amy Englund (President) @amyreneex

Follow us on Instagram @isusketchsquad
For more information, email