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The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)’s Chapter at ISU is focused on connecting us with the design community outside of Iowa. We do so by promoting a national IDSA membership (only $50 per year!), which gives you access to conventions, jobs listing, networking opportunities, and tons of scholarships. Our main goal here at ISU is to raise money to help students go to the IDSA midwest conference each Spring, as well as various Firm visits throughout the year. We do so by selling food, designing T-shirts
for INDD, and so much more. If you become a member you can help us ideate better and more ideas to help raise money and make the Armory a more exciting place.

Who should join?
Any Industrial Designers hoping to connect with other INDD students and professionals! Anyone who wants to learn more about what it’s like to be an Industrial Designer in “the real world” and how to best prepare themselves.

How does joining enhance the experience of a student during their time at Iowa State?
It expands the number of opportunities to network with others, allows you to participate in competitions, find jobs, and gives you access to more scholarships!

IDSA meets every other Thursday from 6–7 p.m. Our next meeting will be next Thursday, Sept 19th from 6-7 in the Sophomore space!

Office Members
President: Lauren Roberts
Treasurer: Vacant
VP of Membership Programming: Mayli Grady, Senior
VP of Career Development: Vacant
VP of Marketing: Sarah Davis, Senior
VP of Alumni: Soo Peng Siang, Senior
VP of Design: Haylee Burns, Senior
VP of Outreach: Christian Schierbrock, Senior

Follow us on Instagram @isu.indd
Find us on Facebook ISU Industrial Design Studio and ISU Industrial Design Sketch Club

For more information please reach out to Lauren Roberts at

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