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Urbanism 5.0 – Digital Infrastructures and Urban Futures

An open discussion followed by public exhibition and reception May 4th, 2018, Omaha, NE


Omaha by Design and the College of Design Interdisciplinary Urban Design Studio at Iowa State University hosted a student presentation, public exhibition reception, and open conversation on the future of the autonomous city.

The work on display was the outcome of the joint graduate urban design studios of landscape architecture and urban design.

Event content:

Cities are poised to undergo massive shifts in light of emerging digital infrastructures. Urbanism 5.0, hosted by Omaha by Design in collaboration with the College of Design at Iowa State University will examine possible new modes of living, working, shopping, and entertaining in the future city.

Interdisciplinary urban design student teams at Iowa State University have been considering how we might inhabit the future city. Five themes of urban futures have emerged and will anchor the conversation:

  1. Envisioning movement corridors and connections for living, work, and play in light of autonomous mobility;
  2. Rethinking local food systems, production and distribution for community health, enrichment, and capacity building;
  3. Harnessing movement as spectacle and augmented reality for enhanced public life and the tourism economy;
  4. Adapting parking infrastructure to stage new live, work, and production and consumption economies;
  5. Nimble architecture for enhanced access to atmospheres for health and community.

The studio was led by professor of landscape architecture at ISU and the director of the Master of Urban Design program, Mira Engler, and Assistant professor of Architecture Sharon Wohl.

August 19, 2018 2:27 pm

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