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URB D 502 / Lima, Peru Studio / The Wicked Cost of Play

Urban revitalization in Lima: Street Children and Youth as Urban Blight

The Master of Urban Design 2018 Summer Studio “Lima, Peru: The Wicked Cost of a Place to Play” explored the urban fabric, engaged existing youth-focused non-governmental organizations, and sought to empower Lima’s youngest citizens through design strategies tailored to their unique capacity, creativity, and capability to play.

The studio traveled to and spent ten days in Lima, Peru in early June, met with community and academic constituents and began the design process. Students tackled the current perception of street children and youth as urban blight with innovative strategies influenced by Lima’s legacy of enabling informal, urban redevelopment. The studio approach was that play may be the most important human characteristic guiding individual, social, and urban development.


See sample of final student work:

Jaydev Atodaria

Tanvi Halde

August 29, 2018 2:40 pm

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