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Department of

Graphic Design


Graphic design students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program are required to either participate in the Rome Program or complete an internship. An internship typically is done during the summer between your junior and senior years, although some students choose to have an internship earlier or to complete multiple internships.

Internships are a great way to learn more about an organization or industry and develop valuable skills for use later in your education and career. Many employers prefer to hire graduates who have internship experience, which significantly reduces the amount of on-the-job training required.

Students in the BFA program have interned everywhere from Ames and Des Moines to Minneapolis, Boston, New York City and even London. Employers have ranged from small design firms to newspapers to large advertising agencies.

An internship for credit must meet the following basic requirements:

  • 320 hours over approximately eight weeks (when taken in the summer)
  • Performed under the direction and guidance of another designer, art director, or similar

For full details, please read the Graphic Design Summer Internship contract (PDF). Please direct questions to internship coordinator Julius Finley.