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Graphic Design

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We’re proud that 100% of our graduates are employed or continuing their education within six months of graduation.

Careers for graphic design graduates are available in private and corporate practice (graphic design firms, advertising agencies, electronic media companies, book and magazine industries, film and television companies, corporate art and graphic design departments, independent contracting and consulting, etc.) as well as public and nonprofit practice (government departments and agencies, hospitals, museums, universities or colleges, foundations, etc.).

The following career paths reflect specific positions pursued by recent graphic design graduates from Iowa State University, and do not represent a comprehensive list of the possible career choices available to someone with a graphic design degree. Please note that some careers require additional education beyond the bachelor’s degree.

  • Advertising design
  • Animated products design
  • Book design
  • Corporate designs for logos, trademarks, stationery, annual reports, newsletters, etc.
  • Design of promotional/marketing materials for nonprofit organizations
  • Digital art
  • Exhibition design
  • Film or television titling and design of on-air graphics
  • Interactive media design
  • Magazine design
  • Museum exhibitions, publications and signage
  • Newspaper design
  • Packaging and label design
  • Studio photography University and college teaching, research and administration (requires additional education)
  • Video or film design and production Website design