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K-12 Experiences

ISU 4U Promise Partnership

As part of the ISU 4U Promise College Partnership Program, the 1st grade classes from Moulton Elementary School took a field trip to campus to visit the College of Design on Friday, April 5, 2019.

During their time at the College of Design, the 80 1st graders had the opportunity to rotate through four hands-on interactive stations representing different majors. With Pete Evans in Industrial Design/Extension and Outreach’s FLEx SHIFT program, the 1st graders took a “virtual” roller coaster ride through campus (thanks to the Oculus Rift) and also worked with an app that created geometric shapes. David Ringholz from Industrial Design led students through an activity where they designed toys using analogies. Zach Frazier, graduate assistant in Graphic Design, offered “Storytelling with Zines,” and Carl Rogers from Landscape Architecture had a station where the students made “Seed Bombs” out of clay, compost, and pollinator seeds!