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Future Undergraduate

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Students who are offered admission to Iowa State University will be considered automatically for many scholarships without an additional application. The College of Design, however, does require applications for it’s scholarships.

College of Design Scholarships for 1st Year Students:

Scholarships available through the College of Design for 1st-year undergraduate design students (incoming high school or community college transfers) with an application deadline of December 1 include:

  • Chi and Pam Chiu Design Scholarship: $1250, open to all design majors, nonrenewable
  • Clair B. Watson Scholarship: $1000, open to all design majors, renewable based on departmental funds
  • DAC Scholarship: $1000, portfolio-based award open to all design majors, nonrenewable
  • David Stein Memorial Scholarship: $2000, open to all pre-architecture majors, nonrenewable
  • Design Opportunity Award: Open to incoming freshmen who identify as African American, Hispanic or Native American

For 1st Year Transfer Students:

  • Maurice S. and Elinor J. Reid Endowed Scholarship in Design: Open to community college transfer students who hold an Associate of Arts degree, nonrenewable

Applicants to Iowa State and the College of Design are also eligible for scholarships from these sources:

Financial Aid

The ISU Office of Student Financial Aid is your source for information about and assistance with covering the cost of your education. Learn more about the estimated annual costs of attendance for new students, need-based financial aid, scholarships and student employment.

A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application is highly recommended to be considered for financial aid. Iowa State’s priority FAFSA deadline is December 1. The Office of Student Financial Aid provides directions and tips for completing the FAFSA application.