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Future Graduate

Grad to Grad

Graduate now, grad student later.

You did it! You are finally graduating with your bachelor’s degree. And, what a ride it was.

So, what’s next? You’re ready to move to that next stage, ready to start your career. But, what about that grad degree you’ve been thinking about?
Pre-apply now for any graduate degree in the College of Design, and if accepted, your pre-admission is good for 3 years. So, you can go to work now and come back later to get that grad degree. We will hold a seat for you.

Pre-apply by June 1st. It’s easy. It’s free. It’s peace of mind. And, there’s no obligation.

Pre-Apply Now

You will need to be on the campus network to use this address.

If you are NOT on campus there are a couple of ways to connect.

Laptop or desktop computer
go to
download and install the Cisco AnyConnect app
run the app using as the address

Phone or tablet
Use the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) to download the Cisco AnyConnect App.
Add a new connection using as the address

(photo by Christopher Gannon/Iowa State University) Interior Design graduate studio