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Future Students

Why should you choose ISU? We’ve counted some of the many reasons for you in our points of pride listed below:

1. National Rankings

Iowa State University’s programs and faculty are nationally recognized as among the best.

2. Outcomes & Value

The College of Design is proud to boast an impressive 97% job and/or graduate school placement rate within six months of graduation. A degree from one of the College of Design’s art or design programs can lead to an almost limitless array of career opportunities.

Our on-site career services coordinator, Tiffany Atilano, is available to help you with career exploration at any point in your education, from freshman to senior, and even after you graduate. We provide:

  • Career development opportunities
  • Annual College of Design Career Days
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Group workshops
  • Resume preparation
  • Cover letter and portfolio reviews
  • Internship and job-search strategies.

3. Diverse Community

Diversity is a critical component of all creative processes, and in a college where creativity is essential, diversity is not just about being politically correct—it goes to the very core of our mission. Iowa State’s College of Design acts to assemble a truly diverse environment for the benefit of all the members of our community.

The college’s Fall 2018 student enrollment includes:

  • 275 international students
  • 1,109 Iowa residents
  • 542 non-Iowa U.S. residents
  • 1078 Female Students
  • 850 Male Students

Within this community:

  • 16% identify as African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian American, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Latino/a and/or multiracial
  • 14% are international students

Our faculty, too, represent a broad range of backgrounds and hail from a number of countries, including Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Ghana, Israel, Mexico as well as the U.S.

Diversity for us is not only about background. We represent a diverse array of disciplines, perspectives and interests, and embrace the opportunities this provides for innovation and collaboration.

4. Studio Culture

Design is a collaborative act that involves a wealth of knowledge and individuals. The design studio is a place where creativity, risk taking and spontaneity guide exploration and serve as a foundation for learning. Students are exposed to collaborative projects, real clients, community interaction, economic issues, and the realities of designing within constraints.

Design studio grades are not based solely on the accumulation of points; work is assessed through a sequence of critiques. These occur through frequent discussions with the instructor and classmates, and during interim and final reviews.

5. Small Classes

College of Design studio classes range in size from 15 to 20 students; our average class size is 16 students. This allows for:

  • Close contact with your instructors and fellow students
  • Personal attention and creative input
  • A sense of community

Studios meet for long, concentrated periods of time, combining lecture and discussion with hands-on participation. This allows you to develop your own designs within class assignments.

Iowa State University’s College of Design is one of the most comprehensive institutions for design in the US, offering a distinctive and broad range of design disciplines under one “roof.” The exceptional breadth and depth of expertise resident in the college provides unparalleled opportunities for students to engage in all scales of design inquiry and making, from micro-level jewelry pieces to macro-level multi-state regional transportation plans.

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