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Tejas Dhadphale PhD

Assistant Professor, Industrial Design

Mailing Address

Industrial Design Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011

Contact Information

Office: 2624 Howe Hall


Tejas Dhadphale is an Assistant Professor in Industrial Design at Iowa State University. He received his doctoral degree in Industrial Design from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University. His research critically examines the role of design research in design education and practice. He has taught classes in design research methods, design thinking, multidisciplinary innovation, and human-centered design. Trained as a design researcher, he is passionate about developing theoretical and methodological framework for designers and researchers to integrate cultural aspects into the new product development process.

Research and Teaching

Tejas is currently examining the effectiveness of current design research methods and provide new ways of conducting effective cultural inquiries within design. His research can be further divided into four key areas: 1) cultural product semantics, 2) cultural cognition and behavior, 3) material culture and design and 4) globalization and cultural context.

Tejas is currently exploring the role of participatory design methods for translating insights into culturally appropriate products and services. He is also interested in examining cross-disciplinary collaboration, human-centered design innovation and the effectiveness of design thinking methods across diverse disciplines. Tejas currently teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in creative thinking, design thinking, ergonomics, design research methods and culture of objects.


PhD, Arizona State University, 2013
MS Design, Arizona State University, 2007
BArch, University of Pune, India, 2002

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Current Projects

Framework for Culturally Inspired New Product Development: I am currently developing a model for cultural product design (CPD) that will provide designers and researchers with a methodology for conducting cultural inquiries in design. The model presents a three step process for integrating cultural aspects into the design development process.

Cross-cultural co-creation: The goal of this project is to examine the role of co-creation in conducting in-depth cultural inquiries. This project includes critical examination of cultural probes, personas and other co-creation techniques within a cultural context.

Design Thinking and Design Research Methods: The goal of this project is to examine the effectiveness of design research methods used in new product development process. This project also includes assessing effectiveness of convergent and divergent design thinking techniques in design and engineering education

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