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    Prog Coordinator

    M. Susan Erickson

    Prog Coordinator, IDRO

    Mailing Address

    126 College of Design
    Ames, IA, 50011

    Contact Information

    Phone: (515) 294-1790
    Office: 326 Design


    BSLA, Iowa State University, 1980
    MLA, Iowa State University, 2010

    On the Web

    Research Interests

    Community engagement and service-learning; Community impacts of service-learning and community engagement activities; therapeutic gardens; Elder-friendly community design; labyrinths and other meditative and spiritual places.

    Current Projects

    Coordinating PLaCE program for the College of Design;  Program Coordinator for Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach; Social Media for ISU Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach

    Current Scholarship

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