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Sara Hamideh

, Community and Regional Planning

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Community and Regional Planning Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011

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Ph.D., Urban and Regional Sciences, Texas A&M University
M.A. Urban and Regional Planning, University of Tehran, Iran
B.A. Urban Planning, Mazandaran University, Iran

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Research Interests

Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning 

Collaborative Resilience

Planning Theory

Environmental dispute resolution 

     My research interests can be summarized in planning for resilience. Before joining the CRP faculty at ISU, I was a research associate of Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center at Texas A&M where I participated in several studies of response and recovery following hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, and technological disasters. 

     In Iran, I spent four years as a researcher and one year as an instructor in University of Tehran where, with a team of great researchers, I studied civic life and public spaces in suburban cities south of Tehran, and land use patterns in Tehran Metropolitan Region, among other projects. I also worked for five years with several planning consulting firms in Tehran on a variety of local and regional plans across the country. During this time I worked for Cultural Researches Bureau on a very interesting project about enhancing civic life through creating new public spaces in Abbas Abad, Tehran. 

     In my current research I use both qualitative and quantitative methods to understand and inform planning for long-term recovery and resilience with particular attention to social vulnerability. One of the issues I examine is how sociopolitical ecology shapes the contentions in long-term recovery and what is the role of planning is addressing these issues. I am currently working on projects related to housing recovery following Hurricane Ike (2008) and applications of planning theories to long-term recovery. 

Current Projects

Enhancing Community Resilience through Recovery Planning: Lessons from Hurricane Ike

Recovery Disparities among Housing Types

Collective Efficacy and Community Recovery in Technological and Natural Disasters

Developing a Living Laboratory for Examining Community Recovery and Resilience after Disaster

Current Scholarship

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