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Interior Design Faculty and Staff

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Graduate Coordinator


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    Assistant Professor

    Nicole Peterson

    Assistant Professor, Interior Design

    Mailing Address

    Interior Design Department
    158 College of Design
    Ames, IA, 50011

    Contact Information

    Phone: (515) 294-0675
    Office: 283 Design


    MFA, Interior Design, Iowa State University, 2013
    BFA, Interior Design, Iowa State University, 2006

    On the Web


    Research Interests

    Educational environments: The role of the library in today's society - student perceptions of the library and design recommendations for an improved learning environment

    Graphic communication: The significance of hand sketching and fine art media in interior design; bridging the use of building information modeling (BIM) in the interior design studio environment with professional practice

    Textile surface design

    Current Projects

    IDEC National Conference Poster Presentation, Bibliotheca: A paradigm for translating student preferences into the design of a library, 2014

    IDEC National Conference Poster Presentation, Design implications of the evolving university library as a student learning center, 2013

    Strands of Strength, Des Moines, IA, Textile design selected to be printed as a scarf for women battling breast cancer, 2013

    Professional Work in Publications:

    Kansas City Business Journal Capstone Award, Architectural Design, UMKC Student Union, Kansas City, MO, 2011

    American School and University Magazine, Metropolitan Community College, Penn Valley FEMA Shelter, Kansas City, MO, 2009