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Landscape Architecture Faculty and Staff

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Julia Badenhope

Professor, Landscape Architecture

Mailing Address

Landscape Architecture Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011

Contact Information

Phone: (515) 294-3007
Office: 582 Design


MLA, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 1992
BS in Agriculture, Plant and Soil Science, with Honors, 1987

On the Web

  • Short Vita (04/22/19)
  • Research Interests

    Constructed ecologies, community imagination and place attachment, engaged research methods

    Current Projects

    Place attachment and landscape change in disaster recovery

    Bird Friendly Iowa


    Current Scholarship

    • Proformative Landscapes, 11/03/2016
    • Mapleton, Iowa Disaster Recoevry: BioSwale and Trailhead Design, 12/01/2015
    • State ASLA Honor Award: Mapleton Long Term Disaster Recovery Planning, 04/01/2015
    • ASLA Central States Honor Award , 04/11/2014
    • Community Design: Monona County Trails Study, 12/01/2013
    • Regents Award for Faculty Excellence, 09/30/2013
    • Fellow, American Society of Landscape Architects, 09/30/2012
    • Advanced Plant Technologies, 09/01/2010
    • APA National Best Planning Program, 06/01/2006
    • ASLA Honor Award, 05/18/2006
    • ASLA Honor Award, 02/01/2006
    • Environmental Excellence, 05/18/2003
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