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Leslie Forehand

Lecturer, Architecture

Mailing Address

Architecture Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011

Contact Information

Phone: N/A
Office: 484 Design


2012 PRATT Institute - Masters of Architecture
2005 University of Virginia - Bachelors of Science in Architectural Design; Second Major in Studio Art

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Research Interests

Forehand is a licensed architect, researcher, educator and designer with over ten years of experience collaborating with engineers, scientists, historians, artists and fashion designers in the classrooms and through research. Forehand investigates the materiality of digital processes, computation and construction, advanced fabrication processes and visualization techniques through emerging tools, tackling design problems both in research and academia. Forehand is a David Lingle Faculty Fellow and Lecturer of Architecture at Iowa State University. Previously, she taught and conducted research as the Designer of Information Visualization and 3D Modeling at the Center for Research at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. She has lectured, exhibited, published and taught internationally. Among her recent award-wining projects is Mashrabiya 2.0 (with Doyle, Hunt and Senske) in computation, masonry design and construction, awarded by the International Masonry Institute (2018).

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