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Community and Regional Planning Faculty and Staff

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Program Director


Office Support Staff

Academic Advisor

Graduate Coordinator



Assistant Professor

Daniel Kuhlmann

Assistant Professor, Community and Regional Planning

Mailing Address

Community and Regional Planning Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011

Contact Information

Phone: (515) 294-5470
Office: 399 Design


Ph.D., Cornell University. Ithaca, NY. 
M.R.P., Cornell University. Ithaca, NY. 
B.A., Carleton College. Northfield, MN. 

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Supporting Files

Current Projects

"Coveting your neighbor's house: Understanding the positional nature of residential satisfaction." Forthcoming in Housing Studies.

"It isn’t much, but at least it’s affordable: How high housing prices affect consumption." Working Paper.

"Building up after tearing down: The impact of demolitions on residential investment.Working Paper.

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