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Administrative Staff

Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Coordinator

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Associate Professor

Chengde Wu PhD

Associate Professor, Architecture

Mailing Address

Architecture Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011

Contact Information

Office: 392 Design


Ph.D. in Architecture, Texas A&M University
Master of Computer Science, Texas A&M University
M.Sc. in Architecture, Myongji University
B.Sc. in Architecture, Yanbian University of Science & Technology

Supporting Files

Research Interests

His areas of research interest are in the following three domains: building technology, computational design, and physical computing & IoT.  Under each broader domain, he is interested in the following sub-domains.

In building technology: Building energy consumption, daylighting, carbon reduction, renewable energy, indoor/outdoor comfort, and air quality.

In computational design: Building performance simulation (energy, daylighting, fire safety, etc.), machine learning algorithms for surrogate modeling, digital fabrication, and parametric modeling.

In physical computing & IoT: Building automation systems using microprocessors/microcontrollers, affordable sensors, and actuators, in conjunction with cloud-based services, to improve building performance, built environment, security, and convenience.

Affilated Centers: CBER, VRAC & HCI

Current Projects

Externally Funded Projects:

+ 3D Affordable Innovative Technologies (3D AIT) Housing Project. Iowa Economic Development Authority. Role: Co-PI.

+ High performance regenerative windows for building energy reduction and clean energy production. National Science Foundation. Award #2122014. Role: Co-PI.

+ Made in Iowa: Agro-waste Concrete for Disaster Resilient 3D Printed Construction. University of Iowa. Role: Co-PI