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Industrial Design Faculty and Staff

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Assistant Professor

Betsy Barnhart

Assistant Professor, Industrial Design

Mailing Address

Industrial Design Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011

Contact Information

Phone: (515) 294-9840
Office: 586 Design


Betsy completed her MFA in Industrial Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology followed by ten years of professional practice as the Design Manager at STX LLC (an industry leader in Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, and Field Hockey equipment).  During this time, Betsy also designed for Nike Lacrosse, where she focused on hard goods and protective equipment for Lacrosse. Prior to Nike and STX she was an industrial designer at Newell Rubbermaid. Betsy has an extensive background in design research, design, product validation and testing through production and manufacturing processes. 

Research and Teaching

Assistant Professor Barnhart is investigating the fit and performance of protective ballistic equipment with a multidiscipline team of textile and engineering researchers. She is also researching wearable sweat sensors.

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