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    Associate Professor Emerita

    Cigdem Akkurt

    Associate Professor Emerita, Interior Design

    Mailing Address

    Interior Design Department
    158 College of Design
    Ames, IA, 50011

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    Cigdem Akkurt teaches all levels of residential and contract design studios. Her research interests include traditional Turkish house design, design for special diverse populations, and theater arts. Her philosophy states, "A designer redefines an architectonic space through the transition of an inner reality, the image, to an external material reality, the synthesis of existing physical entities. In doing so, she responds not only to a need for usefulness, safety and comfort but also to an idea of beauty. She works courageously and creates in total freedom regardless of continuous risk of criticism, unfortunate failure, unbearable defeat, unforeseen void and unexpected confusion. Life is her inexhaustible resource. Through a ‘holistic’ approach to design she addresses all senses and studies all parts in relation to the ‘whole.’ She imagines and creates in a state of total unity with other human beings in direct harmony with nature. In fact, she is the ‘mother nature.’"


    BA, Cornell College, 1961
    MA, University of Iowa, 1970
    MS, University of Massachusetts, 1982

    Research Interests

    Traditional Turkish house interiors and architecture; passive solar design; design for special groups

    Current Projects

    Akkurt condominium, Chicago, IL

    Current Scholarship

    • , 08/22/2014