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Morrill Professor Emerita

April Katz

Morrill Professor Emerita, Art and Visual Culture (Printmaking)

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Art and Visual Culture Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011

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BS, State University College, Buffalo, NY, 1977
MFA, Arizona State University, 1988

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Research Interests

My primary research involves the integration of digital (digital ink jet prints, laser cut and cnc routed plates) and traditional (lithographic, intaglio, and relief) printmaking processes in order to create imagery with two distinct thematic concerns. The first investigates issues of identity, time and memory while the second relates to the BRCA gene, breast cancer and related ethical concerns. 

Current Projects

I am a member of the collaborative, BOKA (with JoAnn Boehmer) whose current work examines the interactions between plants, humans, animals and the environment in a system that operates unseen. It emphasizes visual and symbolic interpretations of roots as a means to explore physical and social environments.

I have also collaborated with colleagues and students to create installations that build awareness of sustainable art practice through the repurposing of waste and neglected resources through purposeful aesthetic intent. The most recent installation, "Detritus: A Collaborative Transformation" was installed in the atrium of the College of Design for the a2ru national conference. I organized and worked with 12 faculty and 116 students on this project.

My most recent work, Natural Geometries involves extensive research into geometric constructions and their relationship to botanical and other natural forms. The series will include drawings, mutliple printmaking and mixed media processes. 

Current Scholarship

  • "International Collaboration Portfolio", 09/08/2011