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Graphic Design Faculty and Staff

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Office Support Staff

Academic Advisor

Graduate Coordinator



Associate Professor

Alex Braidwood

Associate Professor, Graphic Design
Associate Professor, Sustainable Environments
Director of Graduate Education, Graphic Design

Mailing Address

Graphic Design Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011

Contact Information

Phone: (515) 294-6251
Office: 276 Design


MFA in Media Design from the Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design. Pasadena, CA.
BFA in Graphic Design with an Emphasis on Interaction and Media Design from the College for Creative Studies. Detroit, MI

On the Web

Research Interests

Interaction Design; Sustainability; Live Performance; Audio-Reactive Visuals; Branding; Community Arts; Public Arts Integration; Algorithmic Design; Sound Art; Acoustic Ecology; Art + Science; Human Computer Interaction;  noise-related issues in populated urban environments; mobile device use in public spaces;

Current Projects

Portfolio of work:

President, World Listening Project

Board of Directors, Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology

Director, Iowa Lakseside Lab Artist-in-Residence program

Faculty, Iowa Lakeside Lab, Acoustic Ecology field study class, featured on IPTV: