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Security Updates: Changing Your Password

When was the last time you changed your password?

If the answer is “I’m not exactly sure” or “a long time ago,” it’s time to change it!  Due to some high-publicity security breaches around the world (cloudflare, Yahoo), the university is recommending that all faculty and staff change their passwords as soon as possible.  Fortunately, this is a quick and simple process!

Step 1.  Login to (we’re not going to hot-link this address; you will have to add it manually. This way you will be sure you are going to the real Iowa State address–just copy and paste it into your favorite browser).

Step 2. Change your password.  Consider using a “passphrase“. This is usually easier to remember and can be harder to break (at your password change screen, you will see a random passphrase generator).

Step 3. Remember that you may have used that password on your phone or tablet.  It will need to be re-entered on those devices also.

We will be reminding you about this important process and talking more about online security as the semester winds down. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to any of us (Dan, Jennifer, Mitch or Mike — we can all be reached at