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Faculty & Staff Handbooks

New Faculty Orientation Handbook

The Faculty Orientation Handbook was originally developed to help guide new faculty through the processes used at Iowa State and the College of Design.  However, it also contains quite a bit of information concerning college policies that current faculty members should be aware of and use as a resource.

Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook is the official statement of Iowa State University policy governing the rights, responsibilities and performance of faculty. This handbook contains information on state and federal policies, Board of Regents policies, administrative policies, and policies approved by the Faculty Senate on behalf of the faculty. This handbook is updated at least annually and more frequently as needed to record policy changes.

P&S Handbook

There is no longer a document or online resource known as the Professional & Scientific (P&S) Handbook. However, information important to P&S employees, including policies related to compensation and salary structure; dismissal, reorganization or financial conditions; dispute resolution; ethics; performance management (annual reviews); reclassification, etc., is available in the Iowa State University Policy Library.

College of Design International Programs Study Abroad, Short-Term Program Handbook

This handbook is meant to be a resource for faculty members who have led or plan to lead programs abroad. It provides information and details regarding the various facets of leading a successful program.