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Culture & Diversity



#InclusiveByDesign is a collection of educational, social, and developmental programs coordinated by the Multicultural Student Success office to uphold the College of Design’s commitment to equity and inclusion. Oppressive systems and environments are created and therefore require intentional thought and design to dismantle and replace them with more equitable systems and environments. The Multicultural Student Success office and supporting departments and offices host the #InclusiveByDesign through Pop Up Installations, Open Discussions, and Online Lessons. 

#InclusiveByDesign Pop Up Installations

Pop Up Installations are mini lessons on topics related to equity and inclusion run by student leaders and the MSS office. Immersive and engaging activities create meaningful learning environments to engage with these topics. Pop Up installations are held throughout the various COD buildings and university. Students, Staff, Faculty, and community members are encouraged to participate! 

Request a #InclusiveByDesign Pop Up Installation, contact 

#InclusiveByDesign Open Discussion Summaries

Open Discussions are opportunities for the COD community to come together and discuss our progress toward creating an inclusive and equitable college environment. Open Discussions follow the Open Space Technology format and information gathered in the event is shared with the COD Diversity Committee for follow up. 

View Summary of Open Discussion Events

#InclusiveByDesign Staff & Faculty Workshops

The Friday before classes every semester, a Staff and Faculty Workshop will be held for to train and engage COD staff and faculty on a variety of topics.  

View Summary and Resources from previous Staff & Faculty Workshops

#InclusiveByDesign Online Lessons

Coming Soon… 

Campus Resources

CELT Inclusive Classroom
MSA The Spark  faculty staff development 
Gender Pronouns on University Branding
ISCORE Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity
Students Wellness Resources
Center for LGBTQIA + Resources
Student Counseling Services Resources 

External Resources

Black Feminism Introductory Research Guide (foundational resources for critical thought) 

University Michigan Responding to Difficult Moments (like CELT inclusive classroom)

Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education Report

Institutionalized Racism Resources

Disability in Higher Education: A social Justice Approach (Publication)

The Opportunity Atlas (Socio Economic Disparity in country)

AAC&U Diversity Equity & Inclusion Publications

Common Sense Media Collection of DEI Resources (family centered)