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College of Design COVID Response

Temporary Policies and Procedures for COVID Response Quick Reference Guide

Building Hours 

The building will be open to the public from 7 a.m.–7 p.m. each working day.  Doors will remain unlocked during that time.  During all other hours, College of Design students, faculty and staff will have access to the building using their ISU ID cards.  Cloth face coverings must be worn in the building and physical distancing must be observed at all times.

Public Spaces


Circulation diagrams are posted throughout the building.  We have installed floor markings, signage and instructions with the intent to keep physical distancing to a maximum.  The main entrance to the college will be through the east doors (campus side), the King Pavilion and two additional entrances from the ends of the building (parking lot and Armory sides). 

The central spiral stairs in the atrium is up only.  All stairwells on the ends of the building are down only.

Students using the Kocimski Auditorium will enter at the side entrance  near the mural.  They will then leave the auditorium from the lower exit and go directly out into the lower plaza and up the staircase to campus.  (Those with mobility issues may use the elevator.)  Studios that have had walls opened up will have designated entry and exit doors. 


Elevators will remain in use.  University-installed signage indicates that students, faculty and staff need to physically distance themselves, and there is a recommended rate.  Please reserve elevators for students, faculty and staff who have a condition that doesn’t allow them to easily use the stairs and for moving of carts or other heavy materials. All others are asked to use the stairs to maximize physical distancing.

Food and Drink

Tables are set up in the first-floor atrium and on the second floor near the vending machines with physical distancing in mind. Please do not move chairs to congregate.  You can remove your mask while eating and drinking, but please replace it once you are finished.


The college will not hold review presentations in public spaces. We encourage faculty to hold reviews and presentations in studio space or virtually and continue to follow the Cyclones Care initiative.


Tents have been provided around the College of Design building and the Armory to allow for increased ventilation. Please confirm that weather is appropriate and take action to avoid severe weather.  Tents are first-come, first-served.


Summer staff in the College of Design are installing door “arm pulls” for all studios and classrooms.  In addition, a magnetic strike plate at each door will keep the latch from engaging.  This will allow the doors to stay closed and the arm pulls to be used without having to touch anything with your hands.


Facilities Planning & Management is following CDC guidelines and will be bringing in as much outside air as possible without affecting inside temperature or humidity. See the Building ventilation systems and COVID-19 memo.

Sanitizing studios and classrooms

Facilities Planning & Management has increased frequency of cleaning classrooms, restrooms and public spaces, especially high-touch surfaces. The building custodians clean each classroom space once a day. They have been provided with classroom schedules so they can plan cleanings, and we may need to create blocks of time outside class/studio hours when students are not allowed in the space so it can be cleaned.

One big change this semester is that custodians will not be going into faculty and staff offices.  There is a central repository for trash and recycling on each floor, and you will be responsible for disposing of your own trash and recycling materials.

It’s important to note, many of the graduate student spaces are not designated as classrooms, but office spaces. Graduate students are responsible for cleaning those areas themselves.  

There are cleaning materials in each studio space.  If they run out, please go to 146 Design to get more.  Here are the Safety Data Sheets for each product.

Other Spaces in the College


Studios have been rearranged to maintain 6 foot distance and capacities have been decreased.  Please do not move desks in the studios.

Administrative Offices

We are reducing density by rotating staff and administrators with a minimum of one in each space.

Faculty Offices

Faculty can be in offices at their discretion.

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