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Administrative Services Office


The College of Design Administrative Services Office is located in 146 Design.  We serve all seven departments plus interdisciplinary studies in the College of Design.

Administrative Specialists

Linda Galvin–Graphic Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Jean Holt–Architecture, Industrial Design

Hiring–Community and Regional Planning, Art and Visual Culture, Interdisciplinary Programs

The administrative assistant for each department has the following duties

  • Assistant to the Department Chairs
  • Course and Room Scheduling
  • Fiscal Budgets and Accounting
  • Foreign Travel Grants
  • Grade Change Forms (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Post-Tenure Reviews
  • Professional Advisory Groups
  • Promotion and Tenure – Preliminary Reviews (3rd Year)
  • Promotion and Tenure – Documentation (Tenure-Track and NTE)
  • Scholarship & Foundation Accounts
  • Travel and Non-Travel Requests
  • Voting Ballot

Office Support Staff

Deb Hearn (Secretary II)

  • Course Fees
  • Field Trips/Field Trip Reimbursement
  • Ordering Supplies – Course Fees
  • Textbook Orders
  • Catalog Changes
  • Backup for Hope Kepler

Hope Kepler (Secretary II)

  • Building Access
  • Building Maintenance Requests
  • Copying/Copy Machine
  • Course Evaluations
  • Employee/Student Reimbursements
  • EASE Forms
  • Faculty Mailboxes
  • Faculty Searches – travel/accommodations
  • Graduate Student Mailboxes
  • Hourly Payroll
  • Key Requests
  • Mail – Faculty/Staff
  • Ordering/Maintaining Office Supplies
  • Phone Coordinator
  • Scheduling of public rooms and areas
  • Student Lockers

Rachel Moylan Alumni Coordinator and Events Manager

  • Alumni Relations
  • Event Management for the college and departments
  • Social Media Coordinator


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